An Eyelash Curler for Stubborn Asian Eyelashes

An Eyelash Curler for Stubborn Asian Eyelashes


This cutting-edge, small design curls the shortest lashes and hard-to-reach areas.

You'll get the most precise curl ever without having to worry about pinching your skin or pulling out your lashes. Traditional eyelash curlers are often too big for Asian eyes or not shaped to fit our flatter eyelids. As a result, you're not able to get close to your lash line and you can end up tugging at your lashes, causing fallout or discomfort.

Because larger eyelash curlers crunch all your lashes together at the same time, you don't have the control you need to ensure each lash is curled correctly...until now. 

Asian eyes are special and unique and they deserve specialty products and unique tools. Don't settle for anything less.  

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