Why Yellow?

The decision to use yellow is intentional. Yellow has been used as a negative towards the Asian Community. Hannah Cho Beauty wants to change that and make it a color we CELEBRATE.

Many Asians struggle to find beauty products that work for their eye shape and specific eye needs - like short or stubborn lashes, monolids, hooded eyes, uneven eyelids. At Hannah Cho Beauty we’ve created lashes that are specifically designed to fit and beauty tools that work for Asian eyes. Introducing: ASIAN-FIT LASHES.

The lack of representation for Asians who grew up in America is a common experience. There has been little representation for people who look like us and have an interest in beauty. We have been struggling for years with beauty tools that were not designed for our unique features, which can leave us feeling like our features are not important or beautiful. After struggling for years trying to make things work for me that weren't made for me, I decided to create Hannah Cho Beauty. Lashes and Beauty Tools specifically designed with OUR Asian eyes in mind. 

💛 Hannah Cho
Founder & Owner