Lashes For Asian Eyes

Lashes For Asian Eyes



LITE - We call these our "barely there" lashes because of how lightweight they look and feel—an ideal natural lash for Asian eyes. The lash band is practically invisible which helps them blend seamlessly with your own lashes. For the days you want a little lash and nothing else. For those who like a "my lashes but better" look. Sometimes less IS more. 

LIVED INA lash you'll want to live in. These lashes are a favorite for monolids and hooded eyes. They're the right amount of length and fullness without being overdramatic. The clear lash band is nearly invisible on the eye and weightless for max comfort all day. The Lived In Lashes compliment all eye shapes by adding a beautiful depth to the eyes and bonus, they're really pretty. 


LUSCIOUSA little extra lush for a little more fun. These lashes have a slightly fanned-out design which makes them appear a tad bit fuller without adding any heaviness. Your eyes will really stand out when you wear them. Great for special occasions, nights out, and any events where photos and videos will be active. 

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