What Makes Our Lashes Different?

What Makes Our Lashes Different?

Our lashes have been designed with Asian eyes in mind


As new technology has emerged over the years, so have new lash concepts. Yet, it's still hard to find lashes that fit smaller eyes, and flatter eyelids. Even with trimming, false lashes can still feel heavy and cumbersome. We know all eye shapes are not the same, so why do we keep trying to use one-size-fits-all products?


Finally, Asian-fit lashes



So...what's the difference?



  • Extremely lightweight
  • Made from human hair for the most natural look and feel
  • Sized thoughtfully so trimming should not be needed
  • Clear lash band for max comfort and seamless appearance
  • Tapered inner and outer corners fit flatter eyelids better - this is also an ideal design for hooded eyes
  • Innovative LIFTED Lashes specifically for monolids

In a time of acceptance and inclusivity, Hannah Cho Beauty knew it was important for Asians to also be accepted and included. By creating beauty products specifically designed for Asian eyes we're making it known that our features should be celebrated and not overlooked. We're no longer here to put our heads down and quietly be in the background. We're making waves, we're making noise and we're making change. 

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