Monolid Appreciation

Monolid Appreciation

Our LIFTED Lashes are designed with monolids in mind


What are monolids? 

An eyelid that doesn't have a crease


Typically, monolids are flat, fattier, and sometimes heavy eyelids. For many years they have been looked down on in East Asian culture, as not beautiful and not the ideal eye shape. But there's a new trend in the beauty and fashion industry where "traditional East Asian features", aka monolids, are being sought after.




Founder and Creator, Hannah Cho, is a fellow monolidder. She struggled during her teens and early twenties trying to figure out eye makeup for her eye shape, only to figure out, it was challenging because everyone was trying to hide or "fix" their monolids. She wanted to change that narrative and that's why she created Hannah Cho Beauty. 

"Makeup and beauty products should be about enhancing and celebrating our features, not hiding or feeling bad about them."


At Hannah Cho Beauty we believe all of our features are our best features and they should be celebrated, not hated.

Our Lifted Lashes were created to enhance your natural eye shape. The innovative slightly wider lash band is the key to creating a little extra lift. Now you can enjoy the fullness and length that false lashes create and love the lids you live in.

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