A Letter From Our Founder

A Letter From Our Founder

When I was growing up, Asian eyes were not the beauty standard. I spent most of my youth trying to make my eyes look more "Western." The hours I wish I could get back from trying hacks and tricks to change the natural shape of my eyes. It took many years and getting a little older to finally accept my features. And now, in a world that is trying to embrace diversity, Asians stand as a testament to the incredible range of beauty that exists. It's important to me that we take it even further, past just awareness and acceptance, to appreciation and celebration. I created Hannah Cho Beauty to help others love themselves and the eyes they were born with. At Hannah Cho Beauty it's not about changing our features to look like someone else's, but it's about us as Asians having a place to enjoy makeup the way it's meant to be.

It's about enhancing our natural beauty.

It's about self-expression and having fun.


And it's about no longer being in the background, quiet and ignored but instead, being loud and BOLD. 


💛 Hannah Cho

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