Ms. United States in Lived In Lashes | AAPI MONTH FEATURE

Ms. United States in Lived In Lashes | AAPI MONTH FEATURE

As the current reigning Ms. United States, Connie Tsang, is a beautiful example of strength, passion, and compassion. Not only does she embody the values and duties of the Ms. United States title, but she is an amazing representation for the Asian community, and someone little Asian girls everywhere can look up to. 

We asked Connie about her Asian experience and this is what she said:


"Growing up in a predominantly white suburban area, I was always the only Asian in my class, so I learned to believe I was different and an outcast, and had wished so badly to just be like everyone else. It wasn’t until I got older and truly understood what it was like to be Asian-American or Chinese-American. It came with a lot of pride and gratitude knowing that I am part of a culture and ethnicity that cherishes family and food, and embodies respect and righteousness. Now, I’m so proud to embrace my roots and the Chinese teachings that my grandmother taught me as a little girl."

Along with fulfilling her duties as Ms. United States, Connie is a pediatric speech therapist and the founder and CEO of a special needs agency called Desert Development Services. Keep an eye out for her new speech therapy clinic opening this summer!


You can also find her on Instagram:
@officialmsunitedstates & @desertdevelopmentalservices

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