The Best Lashes for Asian Eyes

The Best Lashes for Asian Eyes

There's nothing like a perfect fit the first time!

We pride ourselves in having the best lashes for Asian eyes. Our lashes have been thoughtfully sized so trimming should not be necessary. Hand-in-hand with that, the length of the lashes are not too long or overly dramatic. We've received reviews stating our lashes don't look fake or too flashy. 

We also have a Lifted line of lashes specifically designed for monolids! We think monolids are magic and it's time they get the attention they deserve. 

Whether you have monolids, hooded eyes, heavy eyelids, or you're not sure, it's nice to have a product that is handmade, made from human hair, and intentionally designed to be flattering for smaller eyes. And, from a brand that cares about the Asian community and Asian representation.

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