The Difference Between Lite And Lite Lifted

The Difference Between Lite And Lite Lifted

Most of our lash styles come in two different versions: Standard and Lifted

What's the difference? The lash band. 

The Standard version of our lashes have very thin, nearly invisible bands that are flexible and extremely comfortable. This ensures they are easy to apply and blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. 

The Lifted lashes for monolids also have a clear lash band but the bands are thicker. This means they're a little stiffer and sturdier which is how they lift or "hold up" monolids. Since monolids cover the lash line - where the eyelashes grow from - and typically push lashes down, the thicker lash band acts as a firm foundation that your monolids can't push down as easily. Instead, they sort of "rest" on the Lifted lashes. Most monolidded customers enjoy a more opened eye effect and many also experience a creased eyelid. 

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